TNETS Welcomes Revamping of Cargo 2000

TNETS has warmly welcomed the recently announced intention of IATA to revamp its Cargo 2000 project.

“Leaving aside the outdated name, this project badly needs reorienting so that it meets the needs of ever more demanding users of airfreight and their respective service providers,” commented TNETS founder and board director, Neil Johnson, responding to an article on

IATA has cited many common frustrations that users of air freight which Cargo 2000 was intended to resolve such as the lack of comparable data from airline to airline, incompleteness of datasets, and differing paperless cargo standards, as being the reason for the revamp.

“If the airlines could at least standardise under a ‘new Cargo 2000’ then it would encourage freight forwarders to look more closely at how they transfer data, measure performance and interact with other industry players such as delivery services providers, customs brokers and terminal operators.”

“Presently, despite the existence of Cargo 2000, there is such a jumble of standards there’s no wonder shippers are confused, and this confusion leads to inertia and an inability to insist on digitisation within the supply chain,” Johnson continued.

“The proliferation of sales channels given the massive growth in online retail and e-commerce means that the time for standardisation is long overdue. The danger for existing players in the air cargo industry is that technology is getting cheaper, faster to develop and faster to deploy. Unless positive leadership is shown then standards might be imposed by new entrants to the industry such as we have seen in other industries like hospitality, and public transport,” Johnson warned.

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