TNETS’ AED Readiness Seminars Fully Booked, More Planned

Following the successful running of a series of three AED Readiness Seminars by market leading trade facilitation software and service provider, TNETS, further sessions have now been planned.

Despite demand – the seminars were 60% oversubscribed – TNETS will continue to run these events completely free of charge both for existing TNETS customers and for companies who have not yet taken advantage of TNETS market-leading range of outsourced customs compliance services.

“What we have seen is a desire for companies to be in compliance with the new Singapore Customs AED rules, but not necessarily always in possession of knowledge of the best way to go about maintaining compliance around the clock 24/7,” commented Neil Johnson, Director of TNETS.

“We have been able to clarify to some companies that there current approach is not in compliance and will lead to financial penalties and possible delays,” he added.

“The adjustment period comes to an end on September 30 and that leaves very little time for companies to get new outsource arrangements in place or even to switch workflow around.”

“One of the major challenges for forwarders is ensuring that their shippers are fully upto speed with the new rules and are equipped to deliver the documents required for customs clearance on a timely basis. In many cases they are simply not aware, or at least not aware that the onus of compliance is on the shipper.”

Further sessions of the in-demand AED Readiness Seminars are scheduled for April 8th and 10th. Additionally, TNETS has been asked to address the Shipping, Transport and Logistics Group of the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore during June 2014.

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