TNETS Intelligence System (TIS)

TIS is the next generation of Shipping Data Integration System  –  A customs compliance and trade management application that handles your complex business needs and ensures you are always compliant on your trade declarations.

TIS provides document and file management services, integration capabilities to seamlessly connect to other Logistics Software or ERP or any custom software, permit data management, as well as reporting facilities

System Integration

TIS Supports seamless data integration in the following formats:

  1. EDI
  2. Email
  3. Spreadsheet import

Our rich experience in integrating with different data formats and types across diverse systems, will ensure that the right data for your trade compliance needs are fetched and managed effectively inside the system.

Other channels for data input include custom uploads via spreadsheet – tailormade to suit the customer lexicon or via an email specified in a pre-defined format.

TIS is the one-stop shop for all customs declarations – whether it is importing into or exporting to a country – we will take care of all the multi-country declaration process for you

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