Parcels from the UK are stuck in customs after Brexit

14 March 2021 –

Before the implementation of Brexit, the Swedes were able to order goods from British companies without paying customs duties. This is no longer the case. At the turn of the year, the United Kingdom officially left the European Union, which means that the country is outside the European Union’s customs union.

Now the goods from UK have to be declared as customs duties and the recipient has to pay duties and taxes before Postnord can deliver them.

Therefore, the packages are delayed

Swedish consumers are accustomed to ordering goods from British online stores, but British companies aren’t always aware of the new customs rules, according to Postword.

It is not uncommon for you to miss a customs declaration telling us what is in the package.

Our mission is to collect value-added tax from the first krone of UK packages. So we have to handle each shipment manually, when the information is missing, we have to contact the sender and sometimes the recipient to find out what is in the package. As a consumer, you need to be prepared for the fact that it can take some extra time, says Anna Kelander from Postnord.

Shouldn’t it take a hike when the United Kingdom, the country from which Swedes import a lot of goods, leaves the Customs Union?

– Postnord is a resource. Where it should be taken into consideration or rather explained with the e-commerce platform so that it gives the correct expectations to the consumer, as he is their customer.

Thomas had been waiting for a month and a half

In January, Thomas Flores ordered to wear a jacket during the winter when he was training his dogs. On January 30, he received a notification on the Postnord app that his parcel had been cleared through customs.

Since then, nothing has happened.

“Postnord should work”

He called Postnord Customer Service several times and was told the item was under customs clearance, but he hadn’t received a delivery date.

I understand that these are new and new rules, but as a customer I have a problem. The product didn’t disappear, it was fixed in Postnord, otherwise I could claim a refund from the company, says Thomas Flores.

Now we’re in March, I think Postnord at this point was going to work with customs, there should be a lot of UK parcels piling up.

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