New customs officially start working in Ukraine, – Nefedov

More than 50% of employees transferred to the new State Customs Service staff

Dec 8 2019 / 112 International

Maksym Nefedov

From the beginning of Sunday, December 8, a new State Customs Service officially began to function in Ukraine. This was announced by the chairman of the service Maksym Nefedov on Facebook.
  “Today at 00:00 the New Customs officially launched. This is just the beginning of establishing a new government agency that will really work for taxpayers. We managed to prevent more than 500 of the most odious leaders from joining the ranks of the new Customs Service, and to reduce the number of customs from 26 to 16 and ensure an almost imperceptible transition from one state agency to another. As early as 00:03 the first export declaration for cargo in Ackerman was issued, which arrived at the State Fiscal Service at 23:49,” Nefedov wrote.

Earlier  Maksym Nefedov said that as part of the reform of the department, five hundred “odious customs officers” would be fired.

“With the official launch of the new State Customs Service, more than 500 of the most odious customs officers will not be transferred to the new structure and will be dismissed. This means that in many regions we will be able to decapitate the schemes right now,” – the head of customs said.

According to Nefedov, this is necessary to overcome corruption.

“But the next step is very important – we need to replace the fired employees with professional and honest people. Because otherwise, everything will quiet down for two or three months, after that someone will organize the same story there … Please believe us that now it is possible and necessary to work honestly. Go and let the best win, ” – he said.

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