Maersk announces upgrades for Customs platform

By in International Shipping News Sep 5 2019

Maersk North America is announcing the next series of technological improvements for Maersk customers with plans to add data feeds from Maersk Supply Chain Management products and services into Vandegrift’s popular VFI Track, a cloudbased information system – which will be rebranded as Maersk Customs Navigator. Maersk North America Managing Director Narin Phol said “Our goal is to make it easier for customers to manage their supply chains with our integrated supply chain solutions and offer full end-to-end visibility while delivering a better experience. To achieve this, we acquired New Jersey-based Vandegrift Customs Brokers this past February for their extensive Customs Brokerage expertise, information systems and industry reputation helping customers run their business better. Vandegrift has already demonstrated their depth of customer solutions with an impressive business pipeline so now it is time to announce the next level of system features.”

Importers face managing multiple data sets when filing Customs entries by country resulting in extra time, variation risk and cost with such significant transactions. Most Customs Brokers also use different information systems for different countries. Vandegrift – a Maersk Company offers a platform that allows seamless information flow from origin to destination with filing capability in both the US and Canada using one broker. This creates a new best-in-class systems feature for importers.

Maersk announces upgrades for Customs platform

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