TNETS Global is the customs and trade compliance partner for many of the world’s largest semiconductor companies.

We ensure that semiconductor shipments fully comply with all import and export rules and regulations governing transfers of such equipment.

Many of our semiconductor clients work on a just in time basis. Timely processing of customs entries and declarations is therefore vital. To achieve the level of accuracy and speed required, we deploy state of the art declaration technology.

As well as having the right technology, it is also critical that our people are trained and experienced in tariff code checking, country of origin identification, and review of import and export licences.

The latter point is especially important as many semiconductor products fall under the category of strategic goods or dual-use goods.

Using our Customs 360 application, clients can receive alerts when dual-use goods are declared, and this helps them to stay on top of the customs compliance workload.

Customs 360 also supports our semiconductor clients with automated reports, customs document reconciliation, and tracking of specific HS codes.

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