Freight Forwarding and Logistics


TNETS provides customs support to some of the world’s largest and most admired freight forwarding and logistics businesses, as well as to freight forwarding sole proprietors and SMEs in the logistics space.

As a subcontractor to demanding service providers in this space, it is incumbent on TNETS to ensure that we deliver the right customs service at the right time and at the right price. We are effectively a white-labelled service to our freight forwarding and logistics clients and they need to know that we are performing effectively in this critical area without the need for constant supervision.

Freight Forwarding and Logistics Clients

Clients in this vital sector to whom TNETS provides customs and trade compliance services cover the entire spectrum including warehouse operators, local hauliers, regional and global freight forwarders, reverse logistics providers and project cargo operators.

All of our offices around the world support the demanding needs of clients in the freight and logistics industry and we can often offer extremely competitive rates for the high volumes that clients need to process, depending on the exact scope of work.

Typically the way it works is that after an initial scoping exercise to understand exactly how our client’s freight or logistics business works, we develop a standard operating procedure to cover the generalities of the client’s processes. We then develop specific procedures to deal with the specific requirements of our client’s clients, with regard to the customs and trade needs of our their business.

Examples of this are where we are required to make line by line customs declarations, produce specific reports or observe a particularly short turnaround time.

Services to Freight Forwarding and Logistics Clients

Some of the services for which our clients in this sector client turn to us are as follows:

Freight Forwarding and Logistics Organisations


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