CBC (Cayman Islands Customs & Border Controls ) needs invoices to clear Christmas parcels

Dec 12 2019 / Cayman News Service

(CNS): With over 40% of all packages coming into the Cayman Islands without the proper documentation, customs officials are urging the public to do what they can to help get all parcels cleared in time for the holiday season. To avoid delays, Customs and Border Control said they need a supplier or sales invoice and proof of payment. Officials also said that courier system generated commercial invoices are not acceptable.

“We understand the importance of having your packages arrive in a timely manner and would like to share do’s and don’ts for easier collection,” CBC officials said in a press release.

Pointing to the ‘do’s’, officials said that as soon as a person knows they are receiving goods, they should gather the necessary documents and share them with their agent. The necessary documents include the supplier or sales invoices in PDF format.

If other documents, such as approval from the Department of Agriculture or other government departments are required to collect the package, the person should make sure they have them before the shipment arrives. If they are not sure if additional information is required, they should ask their agent or contact a CBC officer.

The CBC stressed that people should not omit or misrepresent the value of goods or assume “everyone” will know the value of a given item. Also, hand written invoices will not be accepted and people should not assume the courier is responsible for providing the proper documentation. The person receiving the goods is responsible, officials warned.

“We endeavor to continue working with couriers and customs broker agents to ensure packages are cleared in a timely manner,” said CBC Deputy Director Kevin Walton. “We need the public’s help in doing so by having ready the necessary documents, such as the supplier or sales invoice on hand.”

People bringing in packages for the first time using a courier or broker service will need to complete an Agent Authorisation form, which must be signed and dated and accompanied with a legible and valid government identification, such as a colour copy of a driver’s licence or passport picture page.

The form is available on the CBC website or from couriers or broker agents. It is important that the form is completed and provided to the courier or agent at least 48 hours before the receiver expects the package to arrive, the CBC stated.

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