Benefits of the Declaring Agent Governance Framework

Quote from TNETS Director Neil Johnson in Singapore Customs IN-SYNC Customs Newsletter on the introduction of improvements to the Declaring Agent Governance Framework

Commenting on the new framework, Johnson said, “There is now a common standard of knowledge and proficiency to which all service providers must adhere. This sets an industry benchmark ensuring that declarants have the necessary skills to perform their functions and levels the playing field. We now have a reference point that we can meet and exceed as we train our staff.

In a tight and high-cost labour market, it is critical that we seek every opportunity to increase productivity. The new framework has enabled us to do this by combining the standards set out in the framework with our own declarant training programme. We have been able to create greater mobility within our workforce, and redeploy our team members more dynamically when the need arises.

We had previously found it much more challenging to cater to variations in volume with particular customers. With the new framework in place, all of our 60-plus declarants are trained to a minimum standard and can be more readily deployed at shorter notice.”

You can read the entire article here.

More details on the Declaring Agent Governance Framework can be found here on the Singapore Customs website.

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