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TNETS vision is that customs and trade management functions will be seamlessly integrated into fulfilment processes globally, while at the same time operating at maximum compliance, and at the lowest possible cost to the shipper and consignee.

Customs and trade management service providers, such as TNETS, will operate globally, and provide tools to shippers and consignees to manage and monitor compliance, irrespective of terms of trade, incoterms, shipping mode, origin, destination, logistics service provider, or customs broker, or underlying declaration technology.

As one of the world’s leading customs practitioners, TNETS will continue to be a vital partner to corporates, banks, logistics service providers and governments in ensuring that goods moving across borders are correctly described and properly declared, with the proper amount of duties and taxes being calculated and remitted.

Aside from these compliance objectives, customs and trade management service providers will fulfil their cost minimisation role by working with clients, logistics intermediaries, carriers, ports and airport, governments, and technology providers to drive down the operational and capital costs of customs operations, and also seeking legally compliant means of reducing or avoiding duties and taxes.

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